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Checking out Process

Rhonda Harris

SquareSpace is only integrated to use Stripe a credit card processing company.. Where you see "Add to Cart" this will use credit cards. You can use it to check out more than one product.  

  I prefer people use Paypal and you can find a paypal button at the very bottom of each products page. it says "Buy Now" and takes you straight to paypal. However, you can only check out one product at a time.. because Paypal is not part of Squarespaces set up YET they say.. So if you check out more than one item with paypal I will reimburse you the excess shipping amount you pay.  You can always tell me which products you want if you are not worried someone else will swipe the item up by the time I get the message.. in this case I can send you a combined invoice straight from paypal.. I will just need your email address for paypal to do that.  


New work, new blog!!!

Rhonda Harris

The feathers.. my happy little designs.. I love them and seem to not be able to stop making them.. I'm kind of hoarding them.. well not anymore.. Now I have a website to sell them on..  

  So the process of the feathers is called Glass enameling.. I use powdered ground up glass on copper or silver.. it goes into the 1500 degree kiln several times adding several layers..thin layers at a time is best.. these particular feathers have 3 layers..all different colors so when I grind down into them with my diamond burr/drill bits I release a layer below the surface.. It is very tedious and I've drilling into my fingers 4 times, two holes on each forefinger to be  But I've learned..I hope.. how to hold it so I don't do this anymore.  They are a lot of work and you cannot get this look without all the work.. 

  This is my first blog post and I may move the blog over to a public blog with the link provided here to get to there.. we'll see how that works.. I would like it to be more public to gain happy followers.